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Colorado Supreme Court: Restitution Not Available for Losses for Which the Defendant Was Not Convicted

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in Cowan v. People on Monday, December 10, 2018.

Sentencing—Restitution—Compensable Losses.
The supreme court held that Colorado’s restitution statutes do not allow trial courts to order restitution for pecuniary losses caused by conduct that formed the basis of a charge of which the defendant has been acquitted. Even where the defendant has been convicted of a separate charge, this state’s restitution statutes do not permit a trial court to impose restitution for losses suffered as a result of the acquitted conduct. The prosecution’s contrary construction would both violate well-settled rules of statutory interpretation and run afoul of the Fourteenth Amendment’s guarantee of procedural due process. Because the court of appeals affirmed the order requiring defendant to pay restitution for losses caused by conduct supporting an acquitted charge, the supreme court reversed that court’s decision. The matter was remanded to the court of appeals for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

Summary provided courtesy of Colorado Lawyer.

Colorado Supreme Court: Prejudgment Interest Applies in Garnishment Proceedings

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in Thompson v. Catlin Insurance Co. on Monday, December 10, 2018.

Appellate Mandate—Garnishment—Prejudgment Interest.
At issue in this garnishment proceeding was the amount of insurance proceeds owed to petitioners. The court of appeals grappled with the amount of this debt on four separate occasions. In Thompson v. United Securities Alliance Inc. (Thompson IV), 2016 COA 128 ¶ 27, __P.3d __, a division of the court of appeals upheld the district court’s determination of attorney fees and costs that the insurance company may deduct from the liability limit under its policy. It is this decision in Thompson IV about fees and costs that the supreme court reviewed here. First, it addressed whether the Thompson IV division erred when it upheld the district court’s decision to consider new evidence on remand from Thompson v. United Securities Alliance, Inc. (Thompson III), No. 13CA2037 (Colo. App. Oct. 16, 2014). Because the Thompson IV division reasonably construed the mandate issued by the Thompson III division, the supreme court perceived no error. Second, it addressed whether the Thompson IV division erred when it held that petitioners are not entitled to prejudgment interest in a garnishment proceeding. The court concluded that the division erred. Petitioners are entitled to prejudgment interest under C.R.S. § 5-12-102. Accordingly, as to the first issue, the court of appeals’ judgment was affirmed. As to the second, it was reversed.

Summary provided courtesy of Colorado Lawyer.

Tenth Circuit: Unpublished Opinions, 12/11/2018

On Tuesday, December 11, 2018, the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals issued one published opinion and eight unpublished opinions.

United States v. Kelley

Turner Brothers, Inc. v. Conley

Jones v. Office of Administrative Hearings

Pemberton v. Patton

United States v. Rodriguez-Arroyo

Vigil v. Commissioner, SSA

United States v. Norwood

Lopez v. Sterling Correctional Facility

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