August 25, 2019

Annual Update to Colorado Model Criminal Jury Instructions Released

On Tuesday, January 29, 2019, the Colorado State Judicial Branch announced the release of the Colorado Supreme Court’s annual update to the Model Jury Instructions for Criminal Trials. The update incorporates new legislation and published case law that has been announced since the last update. The update includes revisions to the instructions concerning complicity and judicial notice.

The Model Jury Instructions for Criminal Trials are available here for download in PDF and Microsoft Word format. For questions concerning the Model Jury Instructions for Criminal Trials, email the committee.

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  1. I am emailing to the committee to add a crucial part to the Members of the Jury instruction. Specifically, the phrase “or race,” as follows:

    You should not allow bias or any kind of prejudice based upon gender or race to influence your decision.

    Many jurors make decisions based on race. Many studies have shown this, most of which involve testimony wrongly identifying someone of a different race or cases where DNA evidence has proven the minority (generally, Black, Latino, or Native American males) to be innocent. Jury instructions play such a vital and crucial role in the trial and the committee may want to address the impact race has on a juror, specifically if gender is listed. Failing to list race is culturally insensitive and really closes a bling eye to what is actually happening in courtrooms across Colorado. Thank you for your consideration.


    Linda Lee, Esq.

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