July 17, 2019

Governor Hickenlooper Announces Board and Commission Appointments

On Thursday, February 14, 2013, Governor Hickenlooper announced appointments to several state boards and commissions, including the Child Support Commission, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and the State Commission on Judicial Performance.

The Colorado Child Support Commission is required by C.R.S. § 14-10-115(16). It is charged with reviewing the child support guidelines at least every four years. The Commission reports to the governor and the General Assembly, and also reports on the implementation of any suggested changes. Governor Hickenlooper appointed Paulette St. James of Denver, to serve as Director in the Colorado Division of Child Support Enforcement and the Colorado Department of Human Services.

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) represents each major water basin, Denver, and other state agencies in an effort to use water wisely and protect water for future generations. Some of the CWCB’s responsibilities include protecting Colorado’s streams and lakes, water conservation, flood mitigation, watershed protection, stream restoration, drought planning, water supply planning, and water project financing. Appointments to the CWCB must be confirmed by the Colorado Senate. Governor Hickenlooper’s appointments, expiring February 12, 2016, are:

  • James R.L. “Jay” Gallagher of Steamboat Springs, to serve as a representative from the Yampa-White drainage basin and as a Democrat.
  • Patricia Wells of Denver, to serve as a representative from the City and County of Denver and as a Democrat.
  • Russ George of Grand Junction, to serve as a representative from the main Colorado drainage basin and as a Republican, reappointed.

The State Commission on Judicial Performance is tasked with developing evaluation techniques for district and county judges, justices of the Supreme Court, and judges of the court of appeals.

The member appointed for a term effective immediately and expiring Nov. 30, 2015 is Joe D. Martinez of Alamosa, to serve as a non-attorney.