August 20, 2019

Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board Opinion Issued Regarding Memorial Fundraiser for Judge’s Late Son

The Colorado Judicial Ethics Advisory Board issued C.J.E.A.B. Opinion 2018-01 on January 29, 2018. The opinion addresses whether a judge can help plan, play in, and invite others to play in a golf tournament designed to raise funds for an endowed scholarship honoring the judge’s late son if the judge’s name and title are not used to promote the tournament. The C.J.E.A.B. determined that the tournament may bear the name of the judge’s late son, and may invite family friends, lawyers, non-lawyers, and others to play in the tournament. The judge may also help plan the tournament, personally solicit family members and judges not under the judge’s supervision or appellate authority to participate in the tournament, and attend and play in the tournament.

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