August 19, 2019

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure and Municipal Court Rules of Procedure Amended

On Monday, September 9, 2013, the Colorado Supreme Court announced Rule Changes 2013(10), 2013(11), and 2013(12).

Rule Change 2013(10) amends Rule 210of the Colorado Municipal Court Rules of Procedure, “Arraignment.” The rule change allows the court to designate violations and penalties for traffic infractions involving speeding 24 or less miles per hour over the speed limit. Previously, the limit was 19 miles per hour over the speed limit.

Rule Change 2013(11) amends Rule 232 of the Colorado Municipal Court Rules of Procedure, “Sentence and Judgment.” It adds subparagraph (f), mandating that any sentence imposed shall comply with the Compact for the Supervision of Adult Offenders at C.R.S. §§ 24-60-2801, et seq.

Rule Change 2013(12) amends Rules 4 and 15 of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. Rule 4, “Process,” was amended to add a subsection (m), which sets a limit for service on a defendant to 63 days, unless good cause can be shown by the plaintiff why the service could not be completed in that time. This change also clarifies that the new subsection does not apply to service in foreign countries.

C.R.C.P. 15, “Amended and Supplemental Pleadings,” was amended in subsection (c) by clarifying that an amended pleading relates back to the original filing if notice of the amendment was served within the time frame elucidated in C.R.C.P. 4(m).

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