June 18, 2019

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Numerous More Bills into Law

Before the holiday weekend, thirty-two more bills reached Governor John Hickenlooper’s desk and were signed into law. The bills were the twenty-fourth group to emerge from the 2011 General Assembly.

  • HB 11-1064
    • Sponsored by Rep. Waller and Sen. Steadman. Concerning a Parole Presumption Pilot Program for Certain Drug Offenders.
  • HB 11-1091
    • Sponsored by Rep. Liston and Sen. Morse. The Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases of Medical Equipment.
  • HB 11-1121
    • Sponsored by Rep. Ramirez and Sen. K. King. Disqualification from School Employment for Conviction of Certain Offenses.
  • HB 11-1138
    • Sponsored by Rep. B. Gardner and Sen. Morse. The Sex Offender Management Board Appropriations.
  • HB 11-1163
    • Sponsored by Rep. Vaad and Sen. Tochtrop. Concerning the Issuance by the Department of Transportation of Permits for the Movement of Super Loads on the Highways.
  • HB 11-1211
    • Sponsored by Rep. Pace and Sen. Tochtrop. Restrictions on Travel-Related Expenditures by State-Chartered Entities on Behalf of Persons Affiliated with Such Entities.
  • HB 11-1275
    • Sponsored by Rep. Priola and Sens. S. Williams and Spence. The Creation of an Engine Idling Standard for Certain Commercial Diesel Vehicles.
  • HB 11-1295
    • Sponsored by Rep. Acree and Sen. Newell. Voluntary Contribution on the State Individual Income Tax Return Form, Requiring the Department of Revenue to Periodically Post Donations Received, Requesting that the Multiple Sclerosis Fund Appear on the Form.
  • SB 11-052
    • Sponsored by Sen. Heath and Reps. Massey and Ferrandino. Expectations for High Education Institutes in Colorado.
  • SB 11-102
    • Sponsored by Sen. S. Williams and Rep. Todd. The Voluntary Contribution Designation Benefitting the Families in Action for Mental Health Fund that Appears on the State Individual Income Tax Return Forms.
  • SB 11-178
    • Sponsored by Sen. Newell and Rep. Sonnenberg. Concerning the Manner in which a Statutory Local Government May Adopt a Sales Tax Exemption.
  • SB 11-189
    • Sponsored by Sen. Heath and Rep. Murray. Adjustment of Certain Dates Related to the Administration of Elections in Order to Comply with the Federal “Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act.”
  • SB 11-201
    • Sponsored by Sens. Roberts and Carroll and Rep. Barker. Clarifying the Elements of the Criminal Offense of Criminal Impersonation.
  • SB 11-239
    • Sponsored by Sen. Newell and Rep. Swerdfeger. Repeal of a Requirement that the Division of Local Government Annually Report About Information Related to Incorporated Municipalities to the Clerk.
  • SB 11-242
    • Sponsored by Sen. Aguilar and Rep. Miklosi. Retired Volunteer Nurse Licensure.
  • SB 11-247
    • Sponsored by Sen. Hudak and Rep. J. Kerr. The Repeal of the Colorado Early Childhood Council Advisory Team.
  • SB 11-250
    • Sponsored by Sen. Boyd and Reps. Ferrandino and Summers. Changing the Eligibility for Certain Pregnant Women from the Children’s Basic Health Plan to Medicaid.
  • SB 11-251
    • Sponsored by Sen. Nicholson and Rep. Looper. The Authority of the Division of Fire Safety within the Department of Public Safety.
  • SB 11-266
    • Sponsored by Sens. Bacon and K. King and Reps. Ramirez and A. Kerr. Concerning Background Checks for Employees of Entities that Contract to Perform Services for Public Schools.
  • SB 11-273
    • Sponsored by Sen. Steadman and Rep. Massey. Authorization to Consume Alcohol Beverages within a Common Consumption Area.
  • HB 11-1095
    • Sponsored by Rep. Nikkel and Sen. Lundberg. Security of Information Filed on Behalf of an Entity with the Secretary of State’s On-line Business Filing System.
  • HB 11-1305
    • Sponsored by Rep. DelGrosso and Sen. Johnston. The Adjustment of the Ratio of Valuation for Assessment for Residential Real Property.
  • HB 11-1109
    • Sponsored by Rep. Liston and Sen. Giron. The Authority for a Local Government to Create an Exemption from Local Sales Tax for the Sale of Equipment Used Directly in the Provision of Telecommunications Services.
  • HB 11-1237
    • Sponsored by Rep. Swerdfeger and Sen. Bacon. Concerning the Creation of the Chargeable Quarters and Billeting Cash Fund.
  • HB 11-1278
    • Sponsored by Rep. B. Gardner and Sen. Morse. Concerning Sex Offender Registration.
  • HB 11-1310
    • Sponsored by Rep. Sonnenberg and Sen. Bacon. Concerning the Funding for the Restoration of the State Capitol Dome.
  • HB 11-1313
    • Sponsored by Rep. Massey and Sen. Jahn. The Extension Beyond June 30, 2012, of the One-Dollar Surcharge Collected by Each County Clerk and Recorder for Each Document Received for Recording or Filing.
  • HB 11-1317
    • Sponsored by Rep. Gerou and Sens. Foster and Roberts. A Modification of Statutory Provisions Addressing Intergovernmental Cooperation in Connection with Wildland Fire Mitigation to Clarify that such Provisions are Intended to Affect Solely Recreational Land.
  • HB 11-1265
    • Sponsored by Rep. Stephens and Sen. Johnston. The Filing of Claims for Refunds of Sales or Use Tax.
  • SB 11-182
    • Sponsored by Sen. Carroll and Rep. Liston. Concerning the Establishment of an Insurance Interest Requirement for Life Insurance Policies.
  • SB 11-192
    • Sponsored by Sens. Aguilar and Spence and Rep. Massey. The Continuation of the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Repealing the Prescription Controlled Substance Abuse Monitoring Committee.
  • SB 11-203
    • Sponsored by Sen. Schwartz and Rep. Sonnenberg. Concerning the Species Conservation Trust Fund, Approving the Species Conservation Eligibility List.

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HB 11-1313: Extending the One-Dollar Surcharge Collected by Each Clerk and Recorder for Documents Received for Recording or Filing

On April 28, 2011, Rep. Tom Massey, R-Buena Vista, and Sen. Cheri Jahn, D-Arvada, introduced HB 11-1313 – Concerning the extension beyond June 30, 2012, of the one-dollar surcharge collected by each county clerk and recorder for each document received for recording or filing. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

The bill extends to June 30, 2017, the $1 surcharge collected by each county clerk and recorder for each document received by the clerk and recorder for recording or filing. Assigned to the State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Committee; the bill is scheduled for committee review on Wednesday, May 4 at 1:30 p.m.

Since this summary, the bill passed its Third Reading in the House, was introduced in the Senate, and was assigned to the Local Government Committee.

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