August 25, 2019

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Fifteen More Bills Into Law

Governor Hickenlooper has signed 111 bills into law this legislative session, including fourteen bills that he signed on Friday, April 6, and one on April 9, 2012. A complete list of the bills he signed Friday can be found here. Five of these bills are highlighted below.

  • HB 12-1181Concerning a Supplemental Appropriation to the Department of Corrections
    Sponsored by Rep. Cheri Gerou and Sen. Mary Hodge. This Joint Budget Committee bill changes the appropriations to the Department of Corrections for several services. This was one of three bills from the Joint Budget Committee to be signed by the governor on April 6.
  • HB 12-1229Concerning Publication Requirements for a Newspaper In Which a Legal Notice or Advertisement is Printed
    Sponsored by Rep. Carole Murray and Sen. Mark Scheffel. The bill creates a definition for “published” for legal notices that are required to be published in legally recognized newspapers, and creates a contingency for counties that do not have a newspaper.
  • HB 12-1269Concerning the Threshold Amount of Campaign Activity By a Candidate Committee In Connection With a Special District Election that Triggers Disclosure Requirements Under the “Fair Campaign Practices Act.”
    Sponsored by Rep. Jim Kerr and Sen. Ellen Roberts. This bill increases the amount that a candidate committee in a special district election must spend in order to trigger reporting requirements under the FCPA.
  • HB 12-1285Concerning Modifications to Statutory Provisions Governing Intergovernmental Cooperation to Address Wildland Fire Mitigation Where a Municipality Owns Land Inside a County for Utility Purposes
    Sponsored by Rep. Cheri Gerou and Sen. Cheri Jahn. The bill requires municipalities that own land for utility purposes inside a county but outside the municipal boundaries to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement with the county or the Colorado State Forest Service in order to mitigate wildfires.
  • SB 12-066Concerning Expanding Those Persons Eligible as Guardians in the Guardianship Assistance Program to Include Persons Ascribed By the Family as Having a Family-Like Relationship With the Child
    Sponsored by Sen. Jeanne Nicholson and Rep. Bob Gardner. The bill allows non-family members to receive guardianship assistance if they are guardians and foster parents of a child and are committed to the child’s permanency.

Additionally, on Monday, April 9, Governor Hickenlooper signed HB 12 -1295 “Colorado Rockies Vehicle License Plate,” sponsored by Rep. Kevin Priola and Sen. Lois Tochtrop. The governor signed the bill into law at Coors Field before the Colorado Rockies home opener. The bill creates a specialty license plate for the Colorado Rockies that benefits the Colorado Rockies Baseball Club Foundation.

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HB 12-1229: Clarifying Publication Requirements for Certain Legal Notices

On February 6, 2012, Rep. Carole Murray and Sen. Mark Scheffel introduced HB 12-1229 – Concerning Publication Requirements for a Newspaper in Which a Legal Notice or Advertisement is Printed. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

The bill defines the term “published” for purposes of publishing legal notices and specifies that, in circumstances where there is no newspaper published in a particular county or an adjoining county, a legal notice may be published in a newspaper having general circulation within the county. The bill passed the House on February 21; it has been assigned to the Local Government Committee. The Local Government Committee will hear the bill on Tuesday, March 13 at 2 p.m.

Since this summary, the bill passed unamended out of the Local Government Committee and was moved to the Consent Calendar for the Senate Committee of the Whole.

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