August 23, 2019

Bills Regarding Mineral Estates, Parent-Child Relationships, Property Valuation, and More Signed by Governor

On Tuesday, March 25, and Thursday, March 27, 2014, Governor Hickenlooper signed 31 more bills into law. Some of these are summarized here.

  • SB 14-009 – Concerning a Disclosure of Possible Separate Ownership of the Mineral Estate in the Sale of Real Property, by Sen. Mary Hodge and Rep. Dominick Moreno. The bill requires the disclosure of possible separate ownership of mineral estates in the sale of real property.
  • SB 14-062 – Concerning Reinstatement of the Parent-Child Legal Relationship, by Sens. Lucia Guzman & Ellen Roberts and Reps. Mike Foote & Bob Gardner. The bill allows parents whose parental rights have been terminated to have those rights reinstated in certain circumstances.
  • SB 14-080 – Concerning the Elimination of the List of Certain Additional Qualifications that Apply to Property Valuation Appeal Arbitrators, by Sen. Kevin Grantham and Rep. Rhonda Fields. The bill simplifies qualifications for arbitrators in property valuation appeals by mandating only that the arbitrator be experienced in property taxation and hold a Colorado real estate appraiser license.
  • SB 14-102 – Concerning the Addition of Employment Positions Held at Financial Institutions to the Circumstances Under Which an Employer May Use Consumer Credit Information for Employment Purposes, by Sen. Jessie Ulibarri and Reps. Bob Gardner and Paul Rosenthal. The bill allows bank to use consumer credit information during or before employment for employment purposes.
  • HB 14-1060 – Concerning the Authority of a Municipality to Compensate Members of a Municipal Planning Commission, by Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush and Sen. Gail Schwartz. The bill allows municipalities to compensate members of planning commissions.
  • HB 14-1079 – Concerning an Increase in the Monetary Amount Allowed for the Limited Offering Registration Procedure Under the “Colorado Securities Act,” by Rep. Pete Lee and Sen. Rachel Zenzinger. The bill increases the limited offering cap for small public offerings from $1 million to $5 million per year.
  • HB 14-1082 – Concerning a Requirement for Written Notice of Cancellation of Individual Life Insurance Policies, and, in Connection Therewith, Requiring Written Notice Prior to the Lapse of Individual Life Insurance Policies, by Rep. Pete Lee and Sen. Lois Tochtrop. The bill clarifies that life insurance policies can only be cancelled for reasons specified by statute, and written notice must be sent to the last known address of the insured prior to cancellation.
  • HB 14-1125 – Concerning the Circumstances Under which a Unit Owners’ Association May Disclose Contact Information for Members and Residents Under the “Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act,” by Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush and Sen. David Balmer. The bill allows owners’ associations to publish contact information for consenting members.
  • HB 14-1171 – Concerning Rules on Forensic Medical Evidence in Sexual Assault Cases, by Rep. Frank McNulty and Sen. Ellen Roberts. The bill eliminates the need for further rule-making regarding sexual assault examination consent forms.
  • HB 14-1183 – Concerning the Reinstatement of the Authority for Active Military Personnel to Practice Professionally, by Rep. Rhonda Fields and Sen. Matt Jones. The bill exempts active military personnel from automatic expiration of professional licenses.
  • HB 14-1223 – Concerning the Reclassification of Dolores County for the Purpose of Statutory Provisions Fixing the Salaries of County Officers, by Rep. Don Coram and Sen. Ellen Roberts. The bill reclassifies Dolores County as a Category V county.

To date, the governor has signed 113 bills into law. Click here for a list of the governor’s 2014 legislative decisions.

e-Legislative Report: February 10, 2014

CBA Legislative Policy Committee

For readers who are new to CBA legislative activity, the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is the CBA’s legislative policy-making arm during the legislative session. The LPC meets weekly during the legislative session to determine CBA positions on requests from the various sections and committees of the Bar Association.

At the meeting on Friday, Feb. 7, the CBA LPC:

  • Voted to oppose HB 14-1153. Concerning attorney fees when an action is dismissed prior to trial.

At the Capitol—Week of Feb. 3

A scorecard of the committee and floor work follows.

In the House

Monday, Feb. 3

Passed on 3rd Reading:

  • HB 14-1026. Concerning the authorization of flexible water markets. Vote: 47 yes, 13 no, and 5 excused.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Passed on 3rd Reading:

  • HB 14-1047. Concerning restrictions on the publishing of basic identification information on commercial web sites. Vote: 45 yes, 19 no, and 1 excused.
  • HB 14-1079. Concerning an increase in the monetary amount allowed for the limited offering registration procedure under the “Colorado Securities Act.” Vote: 64 yes, 0 no, and 1 excused.
  • HB 14-1069. Concerning district commissions on judicial performance. Vote: 62 yes, 2 no, and 1 excused.
  • HB 14-1051. Concerning a strategic plan for enrolling all eligible persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities into programs at the time services and supports are needed, and, in connection therewith, requiring the department of health care policy and financing to develop and implement the strategic plan and to report annually on the number of persons waiting for services and supports. Vote: 64 yes, 0 no, and 1 excused.
  • HB 14-1010. Concerning corrections to statutory provisions relating to the prescribed burning program administered by the division of fire prevention and control in the department of public safety. Vote: 64 yes, 0 no, and 1 excused.

Thursday, Feb. 6

Passed on 3rd Reading:

  • HB 14-1052. Concerning an increase in the enforcement authority of ground water management districts. Vote: 38 yes, 24 no, and 3 excused.
  • HB 14-1146. Concerning a prohibition against greyhound racing in Colorado. Vote: 39 yes, 23 no, and 1 excused.

In the Senate

Monday, Feb. 3

Passed on 3rd Reading:

  • SB 14-84. Concerning the election of a county commissioner in a county with a population of less than seventy thousand by the voters residing in the district from which the commissioner runs for election. Vote: 35 yes and 0 no.
  • SB 14-59. Concerning eliminating the statute of limitations for offenses that accompany sex offenses that are not subject to a statute of limitations. Vote: 30 yes and 5 no.
  • HB 14-1019. Concerning the enactment of Colorado Revised Statutes 2013 as the positive and statutory law of the state of Colorado. Vote: 21 yes and 14 no.
  • SB 14-80. Concerning the elimination of the list of certain additional qualifications that apply to property valuation appeal arbitrators. Vote: 35 yes and 0 no.

Tuesday, Feb. 4

Passed on 3rd Reading:

  • SB 14-63. Concerning the mandatory review of existing executive branch agency rules conducted by each principal department. Vote 33 yes and 2 absent.

Stay tuned for 10 bills of interest.