December 13, 2018

Victims’ Rights Act Cleanup, Passive Surveillance, and More Bills Signed by Governor

On Friday, April 4, 2014, Governor Hickenlooper signed six bills into law. To date, he has signed 119 bills into law and vetoed two bills. Summaries of the six bills signed Friday are here.

  • HB 14-1148 – Concerning Guidelines for Ensuring the Rights of Victims of Crime to Participate in the Criminal Justice System, by Rep. Rhonda Fields and Sen. Cheri Jahn. The bill adds violations of civil protection orders in sex offense cases, coercion of involuntary servitude, and all child prostitution offenses to the list of crimes to which the Victims Rights Act (VRA) applies, and also amends the VRA regarding certain victim rights and notifications, among other things.
  • HB 14-1152 – Concerning Passive Surveillance Records of Governmental Entities, by Rep. Polly Lawrence and Sen. Mark Scheffel. The bill codifies the current practice of several governmental entities that use passive surveillance by specifying dates by which the passive surveillance content be destroyed.
  • HB 14-1160 – Concerning Overweight Vehicle Permits for Divisible Loads, by Reps. Diane Mitsch Bush & Don Coram and Sens. Nancy Todd & Bernie Herpin. The bill exempts waste water vehicles operated by a city from maximum load restrictions and authorized a fleet fee for overweight vehicles.
  • HB 14-1182 – Concerning Changes for the 2015-16 School Year to Certain Public Education Accountability Measures Specified in the “Education Accountability Act of 2009” to Accommodate the Transition to Administering New Statewide Assessments, by Rep. Millie Hamner and Sen. Andy Kerr. The bill authorizes the Colorado Department of Education to assign accreditation ratings and recommend performance plans that fall outside specific actions recommended by statute.
  • HB 14-1184 – Concerning Conservancy Districts that are Organized for the Purpose of Preventing Floods, by Rep. Edward Vigil and Sen. Kevin Grantham. The bill makes changes to the Pueblo Conservancy District, including increasing the number of board members and specifying election procedures, and also clarifies that a vacancy is created on a water conservancy district board when a board member no longer lives in the district.
  • HB 14-1265 – Concerning the Regulation of Games of Chance, by Rep. Dominick Moreno and Sen. Ellen Roberts. The bill makes several changes to statutes regarding games of chance (such as bingo and raffles), including exempting food eaten by volunteer workers from prohibition on remuneration for volunteers, allowing progressive bingo jackpots to carry over to the next event at the same location, allowing bingo or raffle licensees to maintain a bank account specifically for the proceeds of progressive games, and more.

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