June 19, 2019

Bills Regarding Military Employment Services, Voting Rights, Disabled Veteran License Plates, and More Signed

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Governor Hickenlooper signed six bills into law. To date, the governor has signed 258 bills into law. The bills signed Wednesday are summarized here.

  • HB 15-1030 – Concerning the Establishment of an Employment Services for Veterans Pilot Program, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation, by Rep. Lois Landgraf and Sen. Larry Crowder. The bill creates the Employment Services for Veterans Pilot Program, including veterans services related to job retention, employment mediation, mentoring, and career counseling.
  • HB 15-1181 – Concerning the Exemption from the State Income Tax of Active Duty Military Income Earned by a Resident Individual in the Armed Forces of the United States, by Rep. Jon Keyser and Sen. Larry Crowder. The bill allows an armed forces member on active duty whose residence is in Colorado to receive a tax deduction from state taxable income.
  • HB 15-1026 – Concerning the Issuance of Military License Plates with an Identifying Figure Notifying the Public that the Holder May Use Reserved Parking for People with Disabilities, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation, by Rep. Kit Roupe and Sen. Nancy Todd. The bill allows the Department of Revenue to create disabled veteran license plates.
  • HB 15-1327 – Concerning Limitations on Proxy Marriages, by Reps. Joann Ginal & Kit Roupe and Sens. Leroy Garcia & John Cooke. The bill limits proxy marriage in Colorado to military personnel and military contractors.
  • HB 15-1045 – Concerning the Amount a Veteran Must Pay to Enter State Parks, and, in Connection Therewith, Making an Appropriation, by Rep. Su Ryden and Sen. Larry Crowder. The bill requires state parks to grant free admission to active duty military personnel and military veterans during the month of August.
  • HB 15-1130 – Concerning Voting by Active Military and Overseas Voters in Municipal Elections, and, in Connection Therewith, Extending Certain Deadlines that Govern the Conduct of Municipal Elections to Ensure that Such Voters have the Same Ability to Vote in Such Elections as they do in Federal, State, and County Elections, by Reps. Dan Nordberg & Su Ryden and Sens. Leroy Garcia & Owen Hill. The bill aligns municipal election code with federal military voting acts to ensure U.S. citizens living abroad can vote.

For a complete list of Governor Hickenlooper’s 2015 legislative decisions, click here.

e-Legislative Report: April 22, 2015

legislationCBA Legislative Policy Committee

For readers who are new to CBA legislative activity, the Legislative Policy Committee (LPC) is the CBA’s legislative policy-making arm during the legislative session. The LPC meets weekly during the legislative session to determine CBA positions on requests from the various sections and committees of the Bar Association.

The following bills were discussed at the LPC last week. Other bills of interest from that agenda are tracked and updated below.

HB 15-1327—Limit Proxy Marriages To Military & Contractors
Sponsors: Rep. Ginal (D), Rep. Roupe (R) & Sen. Cooke (R), Sen. Garcia (D)
The LPC reviewed this legislation (which had passed through its first committee hearing on Thursday, April 16). The consensus of Bar members and sections weighing in was that this bill was an important tool to fight trafficking and to restrain the statute to its original intent (marriage to military personnel and related contactors). The Bar will work with the sponsors to secure passage as the bill moves forward.

HB 15-1359—Savings Program For Persons With Disabilities
Sponsors: Rep. Danielson (D), Rep. Landgraf (R) & Sen. Kefalas (D), Sen. Martinez Humenik (R)
The LPC voted to support this legislation at the request and analysis of the Elder Law Section. The bill authorizes the Department of Higher Education to set up a 529 like savings program for individuals with disabilities—and parallels work that the section was already doing. This bill is supported by the department, and has a favorable path at this point in the session.

Bills that the LPC is monitoring, watching or working on can be found at this link on Priority Bill Track.

At the Capitol—Week of April 10

HB 15-1218—No Contact With Defense-initiated Victim Outreach 
We reached out to the sponsors to communicate that the CBA supported the American Bar Association’s position on this (and similar bills in other states) Bill was amended and made better. No LPC action needed.

HB 15-1285—Law Enforcement Use Of Body-worn Cameras 

HB 15-1286—Police Misconduct Court Require Prosecution

HB 15-1290—Stop Police Interference Cop Incident Recording
The CBA supports these three bills and they are moving forward in the legislative process. The LPC discussed and reviewed the “police package” of legislation, ultimately taking a position in support of these bills as aligned with the advancement of the practice of law.

SB 15-129—Preserving Parent-Child relationships 
This bill was heard in committee on April 16. The bar, through its Family Law section and the LPC was opposed to the bill insofar as it turned the long standing “best interest of the child standard” on its head—substituting the rights of divorcing parents as the preeminent consideration in awarding parenting time. There wasa great deal of testimony (26 opponents and 17 proponents), and after 7 hours of testimony it was PI’d 9 to 4. The Bar was a key opponent and our testimony was very persuasive.

SB 15-181—Immediate Appeal Order Appointing Receiver
This bill has been calendared in the House. We continue to work to oppose the bill notwithstanding the many amendments that have carved out various constituencies and interests. The position of the Bar is that this is not well crafted legislation—and the wrong approach to addressing a legitimate problem.

New Bill of Interest

There are several new bills introduced each week of the session (even with only two weeks left). This is one that each lawyer will want to be aware of:

HB 15-1371—Exempt Lawyer Trust Acct Funds From Unclaimed Prop
Sponsors: Rep. Pabon (D), Rep. Willett (R) & Sen. Johnston

The bill creates an exemption from the “Unclaimed Property Act” for funds held in Colorado lawyer trust account foundation trust accounts, commonly known as lawyer COLTAF trust accounts.