August 18, 2019

Justice Hobbs’ Living the Four Corners Shortlisted for Honor from Colorado Authors’ League Award

Cover art donated John Fielder

The Colorado Authors’ League (CAL), Colorado’s premier organization for professional writers, announced finalists for its 2011 Colorado Authors’ League Awards, and among those finalists is Living the Four Corners: Colorado, Centennial State at the Headwaters, by Justice Greg Hobbs, which is published by our team here at CLE in Colorado.

“We are honored to have worked with Justice Hobbs on a literary journey that takes the reader through his professional interests and his personal passion,” said Dawn McKnight, Director of Publications and Assistant Executive Director for CLE in Colorado.

Justice Hobbs said his fascination with the landscape of the Southwest dates back to his time at the Philmont Scout Ranch as a 17-year-old.

“Culture of the Four Corners to me is the culture of the Americas,” said Hobbs. “This book takes a look at the landscape and the culture and the spirituality and the legal arrangements that made the Four Corners part of United States. I hope it reflects, in a very positive way, our legal profession and its commitment to community.”

Hobbs expressed his gratitude to CLE in Colorado for its willingness to take on the project, and specifically to the book’s editor, Darlene Johnson, and desktop publisher, Deb Marnocha.

Johnson, who has worked on two books with Justice Hobbs, said, “The first book, The Public’s Water Resource, was a collection of his legal writings, essays, and poems on water law and was quite popular with the water community. Living the Four Corners is also a collection of Justice Hobbs’s writings, but this time the journey is much more personal, with a broader appeal.”

He is also thankful for the many opportunities Colorado lawyers have to publish creative nonfiction, pointing specifically to The Docket and The Colorado Lawyer, and for Kathryn Winograd of Arapahoe Community College, whom he credits with helping him develop as a writer.

Living the Four Corners is a finalist in the category “Book-length General Nonfiction.” Winners will be announced and honored at CAL’s annual banquet on May 10, 2011.