September 20, 2018

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure Amended in First Rule Change of 2017

On Monday, January 23, 2017, the Colorado State Judicial Branch announced Rule Change 2017(01), effective January 12, 2017. Rule Change 2017(01) amends several rules of the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. The changes to Rules 17, 40, 60, 122, 305.5, and 121 §§ 1-14, 1-19, 1-23, and 1-26, as well as the changes to JDF 1111, are effective immediately. The changes to Rules 33, 103, 403, Form 20, and forms accompanying 103 and 403, are effective March 1, 2017.

The changes to Rule 33 affect pattern interrogatories and responses. The changes are quite extensive. A comment was added to Rule 33 to explain

[1] Pattern interrogatories [Form 20, pursuant to C.R.C.P. 33(e)] have been modified to more appropriately conform to the 2015 amendments to C.R.C.P. 16, 26, and 33. A change to or deletion of a pre-2017 pattern interrogatory should not be construed as making that former interrogatory improper, but instead, only that the particular interrogatory is, as of the effective date of the 2017 rule change, modified as stated or no longer a “pattern interrogatory.”

[2] The change to C.R.C.P. 33(e) is made to conform to the holding of Leaffer v. Zarlengo, 44 P.3d 1072 (Colo. 2002).

Rules 103 and 403 were amended to conform dates to the “Rule of 7” and to provide clarification regarding garnishments. The changes to Rules 103 and 403 are substantially similar. Forms 26, 28, 29, 31, 32, and 33 were also amended. The jurat or Return of Service was removed from each form, and other changes were made to conform to the changes to Rules 103 and 403.

Rule 17 was amended to remove reference to “a married woman.” A citation was updated in Rule 41. Rule 60 was updated to conform to the “Rule of 7.” Section 1-14 of Rule 121 was amended to update the citation to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and update the date of the comment. A citation was also updated in Rule 121, § 1-19, and a date was added to the comment.

Rule 121, § 1-23 was amended to add a paragraph (7) regarding bonding over liens. The new paragraph reads:

7. Bonding over a Lien. If a money judgment has been made a lien upon real estate by the filing of a transcript of the judgment record by the judgment creditor, the lien shall be released upon the motion of the judgment debtor or other interested party if a bond for the money judgment has been approved and filed as provided in this section 1-23. The order of the court releasing the lien may be recorded with the clerk and recorder of the county where the property is located. Once the order is recorded, all proceedings by the judgment creditor to enforce the judgment lien shall be discontinued, unless a court orders otherwise.

The comment to § 1-23 was amended to add a date and paragraph numbering. The changes to § 1-26 of Rule 121 also add dates and numbers to the comment, and a new 2017 comment was added to § 1-26.

The amendments to Rule 305.5 also add dates and numbers to the comments, and a new 2017 comment was added regarding the name of the court-authorized e-filing service provider. Rule 122 was changed to update contact information requirements for appointed judges, and to remove language from the affirmation.

JDF 1111, the Sworn Financial Statement, was updated to remove language from the Certificate of Service regarding simultaneous filing of JDF 1104.

A redline of Rule Change 2017(01) is available here. For all the court’s adopted and proposed Rule Changes, click here.