June 25, 2019

Governor Hickenlooper Signs Sixteen More Bills into Law

This week, Governor John Hickenlooper signed sixteen more bills into law during a statewide tour. The bills comprised the twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, and thirtieth groups of legislation signed by the governor from the 2011 General Assembly.

  • SB 11-208
    • Sponsored by Sens. Schwarz and Hodge and Reps. Sonnenberg and Gerou. Concerning the Consolidation of Wildlife Entities with Parks and Outdoor Recreation Entities under the Department of Natural Resources.
  • SB 11-265
    • Sponsored by Sens. Johnston and S. King and Reps. Duran and Scott. Concerning Changing the Name of Mesa State College to Colorado Mesa University.
  • HB 11-1071
    • Sponsored by Rep. Hamner and Sen. Bacon. Concerning the Voluntary Contribution Designation Benefiting the Roundup River Ranch Fun that Appears on the State Individual Income Tax Return Forms.


  • SB 11-227
    • Sponsored by Sen. Hudak and Reps. Vaad and Ryden. Concerning a Repeal of the Exception to the Child Restraint System Law for Children Weighing More than Forty Pounds Who Are Being Transported in a Motor Vehicle with a Rear Seat that Was Not Equipped with Combination Belts.
  • SB 11-260
    • Sponsored by Sen. Morse and Rep. Lee. Concerning Safety Procedures Related to the Towing of Vehicles.
  • HB 11-1032
    • Sponsored by Rep. Lee and Sen. Newell. Concerning Restorative Justice.
  • HB 11-1293
    • Sponsored by Reps. Stephens and Murray and Sens. Jahn and Newell. Concerning the Repeal of HB 10-1192 Regarding the State Sales and Use Tax of Standardized Software on July 1, 2012.
  • HB 11-1301
    • Sponsored by Rep. Waller and Sen. Schwartz. Concerning Statutory Changes to Increase Efficiency in the Operation of Public Institutions of Higher Education.


  • SB 11-050
    • Sponsored by Sen. Roberts and Rep. Gerou. Concerning a Requirement that a Condemning Authority Pay Fair Market Value for Land Subject to a Conservation Easement.
  • SB 11-090
    • Sponsored by Sen. Schwartz and Rep. Baumgardner. Concerning the Continuation of the Issuance of Permits for Weather Modification Operations, and Implementing the Sunset Review Recommendations of the Department of Regulatory Agencies.
  • SB 11-177
    • Sponsored by Sen. Nicholson and Rep. Coram. Concerning the Teen Pregnancy and Dropout Prevention Program and Continuing the Program.
  • SB 11-238
    • Sponsored by Sen. Nicholson and Reps. Coram and Wilson. Concerning the Extension of the Annual Transfers of Federal Mineral Lease Revenues to the Wildfire Preparedness Fund.
  • SB 11-267
    • Sponsored by Sen. Schwartz and Reps. Coram and Hamner. Concerning Measures to Promote Forest Health, Creating the Colorado Forest Biomass Use Work Group, Promoting the Creation of Sustainable Market-Based Models for Active Forest Management and Woody Biomass Energy Development.


  • SB 11-230
    • Sponsored by Sen. Bacon and Rep. Massey. Concerning the Financing of Public Schools.
  • SB 11-235
    • Sponsored by Sen. Giron and Reps. Pace and Swerdferger. Concerning Methods to Reduce the Air Quality Permit Application Backlog, and Authorizing the Use of Nongovernmental Air Quality Modeling Engineers for Purposes of Permit Application Approvals.
  • HB 11-1277
    • Sponsored by Reps. Massey and Solano and Sen. Bacon. Concerning Statutory Changes Involving K-12 Education.

For a complete list of Governor Hickenlooper’s 2011 legislation decisions click here.

SB 11-208: Consolidating Wildlife Entities with Parks and Outdoor Recreation Entities Under the Department of Natural Resources

On March 29, 2011, Sens. Gail Schwartz, D-Broomfield, and Mary Hodge, D-Brighton, and Reps. Jerry Sonnenberg, R-Sterling, and Cheri Gerou, R-Evergreen, introduced SB 11-208 – Concerning the consolidation of wildlife entities with parks and outdoor recreation entities under the department of natural resources. This summary is published here courtesy of the Colorado Bar Association’s e-Legislative Report.

Effective July 1, 2011, the bill combines the following entities, all of which are located within the department of natural resources as follows:

  • The wildlife commission and the board of parks and outdoor recreation are merged to form a new parks and wildlife board; and
  • The division of wildlife and the division of parks and outdoor recreation are consolidated into a new division of parks and wildlife.

The bill creates the new board and the new division. The new board consists of 16 members (the 11 members of the existing wildlife commission and the 5 members of the existing board of parks and outdoor recreation). The new division is under the direction of a single director, who will be chosen by the members of the wildlife commission and the board of parks and outdoor recreation, with the consent of the executive director of the department, and whose term begins July 1, 2011.

The new board and the new division each assume the duties, powers, and responsibilities previously exercised by their predecessor entities, which functions and duties otherwise remain intact. Similarly, all funds and expenditures of moneys from funds continue unaltered, and the new board is charged specifically with developing accounting procedures to ensure that moneys under its control are expended consistent with the purposes for which the moneys were received.

The bill amends the “Administrative Organization Act of 1968” to reflect the existence and character of the new board and new division, and the bill alters the statute listing subdivisions of the department.

The bill amends current laws pertaining to wildlife, parks, and outdoor recreation to reflect the existence of the new board and new division, including, notably:

  • Repealing and relocating duplicative or obsolete language regarding the composition, character, and terms of the new board; and
  • Amending the defined terms “wildlife commission” and “board of parks and outdoor recreation” to mean the new board, and redefining “division of wildlife” and “division of parks and outdoor recreation” to mean the new division.

On March 31, the Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy Committee amended the bill and referred it to the full Senate for consideration on 2nd Reading.

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