August 24, 2019

Bills to Allow Governments to Invest in Securities, Decriminalize Prohibited Practices by Lobbyists, Extend Duty to Warn, and More Signed by Governor

On Monday, April 7, 2014, Governor Hickenlooper signed 10 more bills into law. To date, he has signed 129 bills into law and vetoed two bills. The bills signed on Monday are summarized here.

  • SB 14-022 – Concerning Certified Community Development Financial Institutions, and, in Connection Therewith, Authorizing Such Institutions to Serve as a Qualified Holder and to Present a Request for Full or Partial Release of Collateral Pledged without Presentation of the Original Promissory Note, by Sen. John Kefalas and Rep. Rhonda Fields. The bill allows local governments to invest funds in certain securities offered by a community development financial institution.
  • SB 14-058Concerning High School Equivalency Examinations in Colorado, by Sen. Nancy Todd and Rep. Carole Murray. The bill changes the term “General Equivalency Diploma” or “GED” to “High School Equivalency Examination.”
  • SB 14-098 – Concerning Clarifications to Statutory Language on Crimes Against At-Risk Elders, by Sen. Rachel Zenzinger and Reps. Mike Foote & Sue Schafer. The bill clarifies statutory language regarding crimes against at-risk elders.
  • SB 14-109 – Concerning the Use of the Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment Fund, and, in Connection Therewith, Eliminating the Annual Transfer of Two Million Dollars from the Fund to the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing for Medicaid Disease Management and Treatment Programs that Address Cancer, Heart Disease, and Lung Disease or Risk Factors Associated with Those Diseases and Increasing the Amount Annually Appropriated from the Fund to the Prevention Services Division of the Department of Public Health and Environment for the Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, and Chronic Pulmonary Disease Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment Program by Two Million Dollars, by the Joint Budget Committee. The bill eliminates an appropriation of $2 million that was to be used for disease management and treatment programs because no such programs were created.
  • SB 14-110Concerning the General Assembly’s Development of Recommendations Regarding New Methods of Financing the State’s Ongoing Capital Construction Needs, by the Joint Budget Committee. The bill changes the deadline for a report containing recommendations for new methods of financing the state’s ongoing capital construction.
  • SB 14-119Concerning the Decriminalization of Certain Prohibited Practices by Persons Engaged in Lobbying, by Sens. Rollie Heath & Bill Cadman and Reps. Dickey Lee Hullinghorst & Brian DelGrosso. The bill decriminalizes certain financial, dishonest, threatening, or unprofessional practices by lobbyists, including making excessive payments to covered officials, knowingly attempting to deceive covered officials, attempting to influence covered officials by threats or intimidation, and knowingly promoting legislation in order to oppose it in the future.
  • HB 14-1105 – Concerning the Exemption from the State Gasoline and Special Fuel Tax of Sales Between Governmental Entities, by Rep. Diane Mitsch Bush and Sen. Nancy Todd. The bill allows governmental entities with fuel tax exemptions to sell or purchase fuel from other governmental entities with fuel tax exemptions.
  • HB 14-1136 – Concerning Exempting a Continuing Professional Education Program that is Approved by a State Professional Licensing Board from Regulation by the Division of Private Occupational Schools in the Department of Higher Education, by Rep. Dianne Primavera and Sen. Nancy Todd. The bill exempts certain qualifying nonprofit occupational schools from oversight by the Department of Higher Education.
  • HB 14-1271 – Concerning Extending a Mental Health Provider’s Duty to Warn to Include Specific Entities that, if Purposefully Damaged or Attacked as a Result of a Mental Health Patient’s Violent Behavior, Would Jeopardize Public Health and Safety, by Rep. Jovan Melton and Sen. Linda Newell. The bill extends civil liability for mental health providers to organizations that provide mental health services, and extends the duty to warn to include a warning to specific entities that, if attacked, would pose harm to public health and safety.
  • HB 14-1274 – Concerning the Modification of Certain Limitations on the Managers of a Bank Chartered by Colorado, by Reps. Tracy Kraft-Tharp & Chris Holbert and Sen. Cheri Jahn. The bill repeals certain limitations on the qualifications for state bank directors.

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