July 15, 2019

Residential Reconstruction Bill, Costs of District Health Agency Bill, and Bill Repealing Medicaid Claims Task Force Signed

On Tuesday, April 5, 2016, the governor signed three bills into law. To date, he has signed 73 bills into law this legislative session. The bills signed Tuesday include a bill to extend the time to complete residential reconstruction, a bill regarding the costs of district public health agencies, and a bill repealing the “Medicaid Clean Claims Task Force.” These three bills are summarized below.

  • SB 16-012 – Concerning the Authority of a Local Assessor to Grant Additional Time for a Landowner to Reconstruct Residential Improvements that were Destroyed by a Natural Cause, by Sen. Rollie Heath and Rep. Jonathan Singer. The bill allows residential property to maintain its property tax classification for an indefinite period of time if the county assessor finds the property owner is making a good faith effort to rebuild after a natural disaster.
  • SB 16-094 – Concerning the Shared Costs of a District Public Health Agency by the Counties in the District, by Sen. Larry Crowder and Rep. Ed Vigil. Currently, the largest county in a multi-county public health district must serve as treasurer and district costs must be apportioned based on population. The bill allows multi-county health districts with small populations more flexibility in choosing which county will act as treasurer and apportioning costs.
  • SB 16-127 – Concerning the Repeal of the “Medicaid Clean Claims Transparency and Uniformity Act,” by Sen. Jack Tate and Rep. Jeni James Arndt. The bill repeals the Medicaid Clean Claims Transparency and Uniformity Act, repeals all ongoing work of the Medicaid Clean Claims Task Force, and repeals the requirement that insurance companies bill using codes developed by the task force. Related statutory definitions are also repealed.

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