June 18, 2019

Colorado Court of Appeals Warns of Spam Emails

On Thursday, January 8, 2015, the Colorado Court of Appeals posted a warning on its website regarding spam emails. An email that appears to be from a law firm is circulating, saying the Colorado Court of Appeals requires your appearance at a pretrial hearing on illegal software use. The email is a scam, and you may delete it if you receive it. The court of appeals does not have pretrial hearings, and it does not serve notice by emails from law firms.

Office of Attorney Regulation Warns of Canadian Trust Account Scam

The Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation released the following information today about a trust account scam originating in Canada. The scam targets lawyers with a fake client seeking help to collect on a promissory note:

Important Information Regarding Trust Account Fraud:

The Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation received specific information regarding a trust account scam operating out of Canada.  The fraud involves purported collection on a promissory note and involves both the lender and the debtor.  The “client” is seeking the assistance of the lawyer in collecting on the promissory note.  Shortly after making a demand for payment, the lawyer receives cashier’s checks drawn on an Ohio bank.  The checks total $80,000.  The “client” expects the lawyer to run the checks through the lawyer’s trust account and then forward the funds to the “client.”  The cashier’s checks pass the typical fraud detection safeguards and appear legitimate.  A slight spelling error is the only indication of fraud.  All Colorado lawyers should be wary of any similar scheme.  If you are the recipient of telephone calls or emails seeking legal assistance in matters similar to the above facts, you should take all necessary precautions to verify the negotiability of the checks.  Please contact this office and law enforcement with any information related to this scheme.

Office of Attorney Regulation
Colorado Supreme Court
1560 Broadway, Suite 1800
Denver Colorado 80202
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(303) 866-6400

Click here to read the original release from the Office of Attorney Regulation online.