June 16, 2019

Colorado Supreme Court: No New Competency Standard for Mentally Ill Defendants Who Waive Counsel

The Colorado Supreme Court issued its opinion in the consolidated cases of Wilson v. People and People v. Beaty on Monday, June 1, 2015.

Competency to Waive the Right to Counsel.

Relying on People v. Davis, 2015 CO 36 (released concurrently), the Supreme Court declined to adopt a new competency standard, pursuant to Indiana v. Edwards, 554 U.S. 164 (2008), for mentally ill defendants who wish to waive the Sixth Amendment right to counsel. Therefore, the Court affirmed the judgments of the court of appeals in both Wilson and Beaty, because the court of appeals declined to adopt an Edwards standard in both cases.

Summary and full case available here, courtesy of The Colorado Lawyer.